Glitchorus is yet another incarnation of music mastermind Matt Laws, who has 28+ years of music creation under his belt ranging from Rock/Metal based guitar, through to Jazz and other uniquely weird styles. In the early 90’s he started producing electronic music as a way to connect to other people – finding success in the Trance […]

Matt Laws

Matt Laws is a multi-genre composer and musician, he uniquely spirals his way into and out of the waves of Trance, Glitch Hop, Chillout, D’n’B, Darkwave, and Electronica. Influences include: Eat Static, Future Sounds of London, Jean Michel Jarre. Matt is most noted as a founding member of Binary Finary and is the composer/writer of […]


Techno at its best brought to you by Nic Furlong (of Creepy Salt) who is also a noted Irish Actor, Producer, Writer and DJ – Brigante! is his solo venture in the world of Music. Nic (Brigante!) has DJ’d in clubs all across Europe, including the Electric Picnic Festival (Ireland) in 2019. He is also […]


Neurojazz is another incarnation of Matt Laws; founder of the Trance act Binary Finary – composer of the Chart-topping track ‘1998’. Though Trance, Dance and EDM brought Matt to the stage and forefront of his music career, he remains a musical chameleon, a genre-bending, solo artist who has written, composed and recorded in the earworm […]

Creepy Salt

Creepy Salt is a musical collaboration between Irish Actor, Producer, Writer and DJ Nic Furlong, and musician extraordinaire Matt Laws. The two began working together when as neighbours they discovered each other’s likes and skills, leading to their talent for Techno.  

Kopyright Assassins

Kopyright Assassins are comprised of Nick De Sample and Major Theft, featuring occasional guest artists. They are a non-profit outfit; their true identity is unknown, their work is sampled galore, and everything they create is publically free. Kopyright Assassins wrote to describe their presence: “Sample-a-delic goodness for your enjoyment, free of Kopyright fascists’ control. If […]

Children of Dub

Children Of Dub was started by former Zero Gravity member Luke Eastwood. It began in ’91 following a one-off collaboration with guitarist Demian Castellanos and DJ Quark on what later became the song “Journey to the Inner Light”. Demian decided to pursue his own music, returning periodically for many live sets and several recorded collaborations. Demain later went on […]

Frank Francone

Frank Francone (also known as Frank One) is an Italian blues guitarist (using both electric and acoustic), composer and vocalist.In his career Frank has played with several bands and artists in Italy, France and Ireland – such as Karl Potter from New Jersey (R.I.P.), the soul/blues singer Cheryl Porter from New York, here in Ireland, […]

Mons Wheeler Mons Wheeler and his band, originate from Northern Ireland/UK.  They have a great live following, with a return slot annually at the Bluegrass Festival in Waterford, Ireland. They play a blend of classic Rock’n’Roll, Bluegrass, Roots, plus Mons Wheeler does his own show ‘In Dreams’ where he performs all of Roy Orbison’s best hits, […]

Stolen City Stolen City will be playing live at The Grand Social on October 24th 2021:  Get your Tickets NOW!! Stolen City are an independent 3 piece Pop/Rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Their original songwriting, strong enthusiasm, and motivated outlook drive them forward into musical success. “We’re making music that we enjoy, that we hope […]