Into d' GROOVE

Into d' GROOVE

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Matt Laws

Matt Laws is a multi-genre composer and musician, he uniquely spirals his way into and out of the waves of Trance, Glitch Hop, Chillout, D’n’B, Darkwave, and Electronica.

Influences include: Eat Static, Future Sounds of London, Jean Michel Jarre.

Matt is most noted as a founding member of Binary Finary and is the composer/writer of the track 1998 (1999, 2000). He also reinvented himself under the following brand (band) names: Glitchorus, Creepy Salt (with Irish Actor/Producer/DJ Nic Furlong), and Neurojazz for the darker material. Matt has been in the music industry for 28 years, starting in the UK and moved to Ireland in 2004. Matt is currently innovating in the IT and Web Development fields and musically working on new directions.