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Into d' GROOVE

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Neurojazz is another incarnation of Matt Laws; founder of the Trance act Binary Finary – composer of the Chart-topping track ‘1998’. Though Trance, Dance and EDM brought Matt to the stage and forefront of his music career, he remains a musical chameleon, a genre-bending, solo artist who has written, composed and recorded in the earworm likes of Indie, Rock, Alternative and Darkwave.

His unique style composites the rawness, the human flaws to co-exist in an overly produced, mixed world – with the trance he brought people through the heightened consciousness and calmed them to a centred state, of freedom of mind – with the darker music he allows it to progress naturally, even with it sounding slightly off-centre, with a haunting vocal and lyric.

‘Glitchorus’ is another nom-de-plume and compositions are a Dark, Dirty derivative of the Glitch-hop genre, you can read more about this act on its own bio.