Into d'Groove can provide experienced Videographers for projects big or small. 
Full scale Digital Video Productions, including Pre-Production Planning - Proposals, Treatments, Pitch, Scripting, Script Editing, Storyboarding, Shooting Scripts, Shot Lists; through to Production Shooting, finishing with professional Post-Production Editing FCPX.
SMM Video Content, Promos, Corporate, Music/Live Events, Music Videos, Drone License, Score & Soundtracking, and can avail of quality equipment where needed.

Video Editing with FCPX

Dorn Simon is currently a Video Editor using FCPX, she is experienced in TV Production - Broadcast Media & Videography, Digital Film/Video Editing, with both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro, & Digital Video Tutoring.
Dorn founded Adorn Productions back in 1999, where she Tutored Digital Video Production in Belvedere & Loretto Colleges in Dublin City, and was Videographer & Editor on multiple productions on Ecotourism and Heritage.

Dorn founded Into d'Groove in 2020 and is delighted to be able to offer her skills in Digital Video Production once more. 

Dorn holds a Distinction in Advanced Media Production - TV Production.

Video Editing Portfolio


'Spirit' (2004)

Directed and produced by Ronan Gallagher.

Music by kind permission Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance.

Edited by Dorn Simon and David Spence.
The film captures the stunning and sometimes breathtaking landscapes of the north-west of Ireland and explores the nature of our relationship with the land around us, asking if that relationship is a spiritual one.

Sponsored by Greenbox.
#79 - Most Responded (All-Time) - Film & Animation - Ireland.

Children Of Dub - The Farewell

Children Of Dub - The Farewell was a semi-documentary of the life and works of the dance/dub act Children Of Dub. 
The footage was sent to the editor from various countries, on conflicting formats & quality.
It included previously edited music video footage, to which we managed to do the best job with the insufficient quality footage we received.